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affordable, high quality beauty care products

affordable beauty products from some of the world's best brands

Since 2009, the experienced styling professionals at JGM have been serving Cedar Rapids, IA with exceptional beauty an wellness services. Maintaining looking good and feeling good requires having the right tools to use at home. We understand how sensitive your skin, body, and hair are and never compromise on the quality of beauty care products that we use. Call us today.
We offer premium beauty care products to enhance your look. Learn more about the major brands of beauty products that we deal with:

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Discover the world of natural beauty with REF's vegan, sulfate free, paraben free hair care line.  Designed to be easy to understand, sustainable and affordable REF is setting a new standard for hair care in the US.


Surface's products are formulated to maximize the look, feel, and performance of healthy hair. This is done through naturally-derived, environmentally-responsible ingredients rather than harsh chemicals and irritants traditionally used in many beauty and hair care products.


usmooth is a complete line of luxury, high performance, professional hair care products. With the most advanced technology and the highest quality ingredients, usmooth products deliver the versatility required to keep up with today's trends. 

usmooth products are color safe, sulfate free, paraben free, cruelty free, along with gluten free options. Infused with sunflower oil, a natural moisturizer and UV protectant, usmooth will restore hair's strength, vitality and shine.


Shellac is the breakthrough, patent-pending UV 3 technology which combines the ease of nail polish with the permanence of gels. This is a true innovation in chip-free, extended wear nail color. Shellac is applied like a polish with a brush. When applied in regular, 14-day intervals, it creates a glorious and high-gloss shine for your nails.


Dermalogica offers a complete line of skin care products for personal use to treat a variety of skin concerns, such as acne, aging, and dryness. These products are specially designed by licensed skin care professionals for clinical therapy.

Alexandria Professional

Alexandria Professional is dedicated to offering healthy, natural solutions for the beauty and wellness industries. Having developed and pioneered their own innovative sugaring process for removing unwanted hair, and their Full Circle of Skin Conditioning™ program, they are committed to passing on Alexandria Professional's wealth of knowledge through top-notch education all around the world.

At Alexandria Professional, their employees strive to work with clients to resolve any skin concerns and improve the overall condition of their skin. Additionally, as a company, they also take a stand to end violence against women and make a commitment to give back to the community.
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"Jen is wonderful at all she does! 100% happy with everything she has done for me including chopping off my hair and donating it to wigs for kids! Plus, she's a great person in general.."

- Breanna Rose
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